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Customer service

Serving customers is the only reason we exist, and customer needs are the driving force for our development.

We adhere to customer-centric approach, respond quickly to customer needs, and continuously create long-term value for customers to achieve success.

Providing effective services to customers is the direction of our work and the benchmark for value evaluation. Achieving customers is achieving ourselves.

Service idea

Pursuing Excellence, Exceeding Expectations, Creating Value

Pre sales/In sales/After sales support

Provide project consulting, system design, and assist clients in developing professional system solutions;

Provide corresponding technical guidance and system training, and be responsible for the debugging and installation of project products throughout the entire process;

In addition, we can also provide more customized value-added services according to your needs.

Service response

Experienced full-time service engineers provide you with 24-hour service.

Service hotline:0757-22398186

You can also contact us by leaving a message on the website.

Service supervision

If you have any suggestions or opinions on the services provided by after-sales service engineers, please call our service supervision hotline.

Service supervision hotline:0757-22398186

In order to provide you with more comprehensive, professional, and personalized service support, we sincerely welcome your guidance and suggestions on our service model, service management, and service content. We also invite you to supervise the work of our after-sales service personnel.

Technical Center
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