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About Nuowei Electrical

GUANGDONG NORWEI ELECTRICAL CO.LTD, specializes in the production and sale of industrial connectors.We always follow the IS09000 quality management system in production management, we strictly comply international standards of IEC60309 and EN60309CEE 17 as well as national standards like GB1 1918 and CB1 1919 for our products.

I have three lines of products.

First, industrial plug, socket, cable connector and combined socket box. Products are beautifully designed and reasonably structured. The extremely low contact resistance between the PIN and the socket creates excellent electrical insulation and dielectric strength. With impact resistance they can function steadily in extremely low or high temperature. They are equipped with IP44-1P67 waterproof rating. working voltage below 1000V and the current level of 10A-420. They are Widely used in factory power supply configuration, machinery and equipment, construction site, stage, film and television, drainage and other projects.

Second, the electrical connector (plug). with high practicality and high performance on connection of the product. the shell of products is made of corrosion of CU- CR alloy. anti-UV and fire retardant material- P A6. Insulation is made of PPS material with resistance to high temperature and low absorption of water. Contacts are made of gold- plated copper material with high quality. Products can avold false plug with fast and threaded connections. The products are used in a variety of mechanical equipment, instrumentation, automation equipment, medical equipment, printed circuit board, LED screen, stage, film and television, and other fields.

Third, heavy- duty connectors with good appearance and ftting. it has good performance in contact with silver. They are widely used in a variety of machine tools, electricity, post and telecommunication, communication and so on. The company has a complete and scientific quality control system. GUANG DONG NORWEI ELECTRICAL CO.LTD is well accepted by the industry because of our integrity, strength and quality of products. Welcomes all friends to visit and have business.

Corporate Culture

Company Philosophy

1. Based on talent and market-oriented;

2. Taking technology as the core and relying on quality;

3. Taking innovation as the guarantee and development as the goal.

Quality objectives

1. The delivered product has zero fatal defects

2. Production straight-through rate ≥ 98%

3. Less than 2 customer complaints per month

Quality Policy

Keep your promise and continue!

Corporate Spirit

Dare to be the first and forge ahead with determination

Dare to venture and fight, and rise up to challenges

Corporate Mission

Provide high-quality innovative products and services

Creating greater value for customers

Core Values

Achieve customers, be sincere and trustworthy, unite and collaborate

Innovative excellence, hard work, and efficient execution

Quality System
The company identifies the processes required for the quality management system (including outsourced processes) by establishing quality management system documents, determines the sequence and interaction of each process, determines the rules and methods for effective operation and control, ensures the availability of necessary resources and information, monitors, measures, analyzes, and implements necessary measures to achieve the planned results and continuous improvement of the quality management system. The company mainly has the following processes:

Company Structure
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Guangdong Nuowei Electrical Co., Ltd

Address: 6th Floor, Building 13, Huazhi Science and Technology Innovation Center, No. 28 Sanle East Road, Shunjiang Community, Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Tel: 0757-22398186

Fax: 0757-22398156

Email: norwei@norwei.cn


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