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Describe the advantages of using circular aviation plugs?
Release time:2023-08-10
The use of circular aviation plugs eliminates the need for fixed welding between wires or cables, and connectors are used as bridge connections, simplifying the design and production process, simplifying the assembly process of electronic products, and making use more flexible and convenient, while also reducing produc……
Brief Introduction to Overvoltage Types, Equipment and Applications of Industrial Heavy Duty Electrical Connectors
Release time:2023-08-10
The overvoltage of industrial heavy-duty electrical connectors is classified based on the voltage of the power grid and the installation location of the equipment. It describes the ability of the equipment to withstand the maximum overvoltage when a power
How to judge the sealing performance of deep water and electricity connectors
Release time:2023-08-10
At present, the main evaluation standard for the waterproof performance of deep water and electricity connectors is based on the IP waterproof grade standard. What is the waterproof performance of the deep water and electricity connector? Mainly looking at the last two digits of IPXX, XX, where D and X are from 0 to 6,……
Safety maintenance of aviation plugs
Release time:2023-07-19
The switches of aviation plugs are mostly made of advanced materials such as bulletproof glue, which have high fire resistance, moisture resistance, and impact resistance. The surface is smooth, and when choosing, one should consider the touch of the switch and preliminarily determine the material of the switch based o……
What are the common terms for aviation plugs?
Release time:2023-07-19
(1) Connector: generally refers to a component that can quickly connect or separate cables and cable terminals; (2) Contact Centre-to-centre distance: the cente……
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