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What are the common terms for aviation plugs?
Release time:2023-07-19

(1) Connector: generally refers to a component that can quickly connect or separate cables and cable terminals;

(2) Contact Centre-to-centre distance: the center position of the contact on the installation;

(3) Contacts: Conductive parts that connect components, used to provide separable direct connections from cables to cables, cables to components, or components to components;

(4) Socket Contact: A female contact that can be connected to a male contact and is generally connected to the live side of a circuit;

(5) Pincontact: A positive contact, usually inserted into a socket and connected to the non energized side of the circuit;

(6) Plug: One of the two halves of an aviation plug that can move freely when not connected to the other half. It is generally considered the male part of an aviation plug.

(7) Receptacle: usually refers to the fixed or immovable half of a two-piece multi contact aviation plug, and also refers to the half of the aviation plug usually installed on the panel with a socket;

(8) Contact resistance: The maximum allowable resistance of the pins and sockets installed on aviation plugs under typical usage conditions;

(9) Insulation resistance: The resistance measured by the insulation material between any pair of contacts, conductors, or different combinations of grounding components under specified conditions;

(10) Contact arrangement:

(11) Interchangeability:

(12) Hot swapping: perform plugging or unplugging when the contact part of the aviation plug is live;

(13) Termination:

(14) Crimping:

(15) Wrapping: The method of tightly winding a solid wire to a square, rectangular, or V-shaped terminal block using a specialized automaton or manual tool;

(16) Grid: Two sets of parallel and equidistant orthogonal networks used for point positioning on printed boards.

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